About us

We are supplier in the field of deceleration technology and vibration technology, whether industrial shock absorbers, air springs or simpler bumpers made of elastomeric materials. We also supply speed controls and deceleration cylinders to accurately control the speed of movement throughout its path. The best-selling goods are held in warehouse in Brno, we use the services of reliable carriers GEIS and DSV, or after prior telephone agreement, personal pickup is possible in our warehouse, which allows us to quickly deliver and meet your expectations.

Tailor-made solutions also play an important role in our product range. In this area, we offer, for example, polyurethane elastomers with excellent abrasion resistance such as various slide rails, guides, rollers and wheels. We also supply winding technology - expanding shafts for winding and unwinding rolls, in the assortment we have in addition to common types also special designs for tubeless winding / unwinding, winding of several rolls with different material simultaneously on one shaft, curved (banana) and rubberized rollers. Of course there are accessories in the form of snap heads, adapters for changing diameters, clutches and brakes. We also supply spare parts (hoses, valves, inflatable guns, clamping strips and jaws) for products of other suppliers.

To the quality of products belongs perfect service. Our experts will help you identify the most suitable solution for your application and calculate and design a specific product from our product range based on the parameters and drawings you enter. Of course there is the possibility of personal visit and presentation of samples directly at your company. We believe only the best is good enough.